Welcome to Matrix

We're the friendly campus math club here at the University of Illinois.

Do you like math and are proud of it? Then we suggest you stop on by one of our meetings. There are also a number of events and other happenings at University that we like to get together for - you can keep up with the events and meetings by checking the Events tab.


Mathematical Advancement Through Research and Idea eXchange (MATRIX) is an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of today's math students. It was started at the end of Spring 2004 in an effort to foster better relationships between existing math faculty and the students taking their courses. We feel that not enough connections are being made between the two groups.

In an effort to promote fellowship between Math oriented individuals; including students, faculty and staff, we hope to provide a forum where they could engage in active dialogue in an informal setting. In order to accomplish this we hope to host round table discussions and social events with different guest math faculty members, as well as share information pertaining to math research opportunities and possible career paths for math majors. Similarly, MATRIX events will enable students enrolled in math courses to meet other students and form study groups for their courses.

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